LAN / WAN Construction

Over the years, Cable Associates has designed and built countless Wide and Local Area Networks for local businesses, school systems and government facilities. We provide complete Local Area Network design within an office building as well as Wide Area Network design to connect office branches and college campuses. Productivity is maximized due to the ease of voice and data information exchange through such networks.

 Cable Associates will work with you to find the WAN or LAN solution that meets your company’s specific needs, based on the number of employees and locations accessing the network.  After evaluation, we will design and construct your specific network and install necessary components.

Our highly skilled team members have extensive experience creating Wide and Local Area Networks of all sizes, types and complexities in Hampton Roads and beyond.  We are ready and eager to put our expertise to work for your organization.

For more information on LAN/WAN Design and Construction call Cable Associates at (757)890-0143 or fill out our Request and Estimate form!