Design & Engineering

For over 25 years, Cable Associates has offered Design and Engineering services for a wide range of projects including cable system construction, Wide and Local Area Networks as well as wireless networks. Our team of skilled engineers with decades of experience provides our customers with comprehensive cost effective plans in order to meet their specific needs. A complete design will include engineering services with complete bill of material, job specifications, physical network routing including coverage maps and instructions regarding any special installation needs, public or private land use issues and permitting requirements at each site. In addition, our management team will develop a budget estimate to accompany each design as well as technical engineering advice before, during and after completion. 

Cable Associates also provides Field Engineering Services; which includes on-site assistance, network design, site survey, troubleshooting and emergency repairs, from beginning to end on all projects. A member of our management team frequently visits the jobsite to discuss project requirements and recommendations. Each member of the management team is not only field-experienced but also knowledgeable in voice, data and video communications requirements and industry standards, which ensures our customers high quality, reliable design and engineering services.     

Our Design & Engineering services include but are not limited to:

  • Project management and material management
  • Comprehensive network design
  • Physical network routing with maps and special instructions
  • Bill-of-Materials
  • On-site assistance
  • Cost modeling and site survey
  • Engineering advice before, during and after installation
  • Permitting requirements

Call Cable Associates at (757)890-0143 for more specific information regarding the Design & Engineering of your project, we would love to help! Or feel free to fill out our Request an Estimate form.