Video Surveillance System Installation

Video Surveillance System InstallationCable Associates engineered and built a community-wide surveillance system for the Newport News community, Kiln Creek Golf Club & Resort. The surveillance system encompasses four miles of underground duct system and fiber within the duct to connect forty cameras and a security office within the subdivision. The underground work for the project was done by directional drilling; this technique lessens the impact on the existing landscaping and eliminates traffic disruptions causing no disturbances to the community. Within three months, Cable Associates had set all forty light poles and installed all cameras and activated the cameras to the centralized security office. Both wired and wireless applications were used for the project. Cable Associates has not only installed surveillance systems in subdivisions, we have also constructed video security systems, including internal and external cameras, for local college campuses and airports. As new buildings arise, subdivisions expand or new technology is needed, system extension and upgrades are also completed.