Underwater River Cabling

Underwater River CablingOver the years, Cable Associates was contracted to place ducts for fiber optic cable under the riverbed of three rivers in the Hampton Roads region, the Pamunkey River, the Mattaponi River and the York River. All three river boring projects were done for Cox Communications and were completed by placing duct 12 feet deep along the bottom of the rivers and tied in to existing duct runs on the shoreline. After ducts were placed, we installed a sub marine grade fiber optic cable in the duct and spliced the cable on either side of the river. Each river crossings was performed in order to complete a fiber ring connecting Virginia Beach to West Point and back. Cable Associates competed all necessary permitting with state and federal governments including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, due to the complexity of these projects the permitting process began 6 months prior to any construction. In addition to the lengthy permit process, archeological studies were conducted prior to work commencing on the York River due to Yorktown’s historical significance. Directional boring within rivers is safe and effective and will not disturb wildlife living in the river or on the riverbanks. Over the past fifteen years, Cable Associates has conducted several smaller creek crossings as well, ranging from 200 feet to 1,200 feet in length. The permitting for smaller crossings are not as intensive and do not require as much processing time, projects of this size can be completed within a few weeks.