About Cable Associates

Since 1983, Cable Associates has been dedicated to providing the best and most advanced Telecommunications and Utility Construction services, as well as exceptional Engineering Services for its customers.  Cable Associates works throughout Hampton Roads (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Chesapeake, Hampton, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Suffolk), as well as the Eastern Shore, the Richmond area, throughout Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina, and continues to branch out to other cities and states. 

The number of skilled employees has steadily increased over the years and forms an outstanding team of dedicated and valuable personnel.  Most employees have been a part of the team for over 10 years and have played important roles in Cable Associates' many years of success.

Unlike many other firms, Cable Associates utiizes in-house personnel in all aspects of design, construction and restoration on every job.  This company policy leads directly to stability and dependability.  At Cable Associates, we believe that consistency builds confidence for our long-standing customers, as well as those companies we will be privileged to serve in the future.  Our entire staff's commitment to excellence plays a direct role in delivering outstanding results on every job.

When your organization needs Utility Construction, Fiber Splicing/Testing, or Engineering Services, call us at (757)890-0143, or fill out our Request an Estimate form.